Modern Vintage, Contemporary Classic.

Orlando Coolridge (Slumpgang777) is a musician/artist living in Chicago, though never far from his California roots. Saying of his skillset "I dont like to be subpar at anything I put effort into. I have a passion for greatness that fuels my artistic drive."

Some may recognize Orlando as beDOTwater, his producer alter-ego. Born from his original rap name "Blackwater", beDOTwater is the production branch of Orlando's process. The production of beDOTwater is a space for experimentation and thought provoking instrumentation, based in shades of boom bap, jazz, soul and 80's/90 r&b. Orlando cites J-Dilla, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Alchemist and Dr. Dre as heavy influences on his production, and hopes to provide something listeners can come back to one month from now, but play 10/20 years down the road and still remain timeless.

Timelessness defines Orlando's rap skill. With an impeccable flow and a unique brand of lyricism, Orlando smoothly transitions from line to line with the ebb and flow of water. Never out of his element, Orlando's influences reach far and wide, and he prides himself on being able to stand out on any beat that comes his way. Growing up in Southern California, his first influences on music were "The Chronic" and "Doggystyle", though it was an East Coast song that stands out in his head as the beginning of his LOVE for hip hop: "T.R.O.Y." In addition to his musicial skill, He stands out as an accomplished battle rapper with lyrical dexterity and witty, timely punchlines enhanced with a room captivating voice.  He is a writer's writer and enjoys the ability to move people with words.

After the tragic passing of his father in 2005, Orlando took his hobby and found his voice. An ACL/MCL/PCL tear ruined his collegiate football dreams the same year, and having nothing to turn to, he grew into the early version of what he is today: Resillient, Dedicated.

He’s toured with Sage the 64th Wonder and Vagabond Maurice, performed and collaborated with Grammy nominated Jansport J and has also opened for Zion I, DJ Premier, and Dead Prez, of "It's Bigger Than Hip Hop" fame. Performing across the country, from Lincoln Hall in Chicago, to the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, Orlando takes the "globe-trotter" approach to music, looking to consume culture and live through spreading the joy of music. 

Substance x Style = Perfection

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