From the recording Things Fall Apart



It’s been 40 Cloudy Days 40 Nights..
And i Cannot See The Light..
So i take My Time..
I try

To Keep a bullet out my brains..
I’m Living on A Line..
Of insane in my mind..
Why Lie..

Seen So Much Pain, In my life..
I’m just Tryna get By..
On A Dream and a Dime..
The Strength OF Third Eye..

But This Time..
I Dont Know if I’ll get by
Oh God

If I Don’t tell my Bygones Goodbye..
Maybe They’ll Come back..
To Haunt Me In My Dreams

If You could answer why God, Then i..
Could maybe understand..

How i Can Learn New Things About me..
Change My Ways..
But Still End Up Making
Those Same Mistake..
Keep Up with this Constantly changing pace..
The Only thing thats constant is change they say..

I guess The Lesson here Is Things Fall Apart, Love..
Oh Why..
I Guess the lesson here, is you Never had my heart love..
Oh My..
I guess That Why You Left it Here, And i’m now breaking apart Love..
So i
Guess I’ll have to Find My Way Into The light from the dark love..
Oh i

I do not want to try no more..
I can’t escape my past..

I do not want to cry no more..
I’m headed nowhere fast..
I do not trust goodbye No more..
But Nothing Ever Lasts..

I do not say goodbye no more..
Just see you next time we pass..